Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nestle Custard Purin KitKat

Custard Purin KitKats

My husband loves purin. It's probably the number one Japanese treat he wishes was he could find more easily in the US. So, whenever we go to a Japanese market, he always wants some. This time, we found it in KitKat form!

White chocolate KitKats have a reputation for being too sweet, so I tend to prefer them in the miniature size. Luckily, that's how these Custard Purin KitKats came. In the past, I tried a Caramel Purin KitKat that I didn't care for, so I tried not to let that influence my opinion on this one.

Custard Purin KitKat

The bars smelled a bit gross, like a fake caramel. However, they tasted better than they smelled. The chocolate was buttery and smooth, and very creamy. The flavor had a hint of caramel, as well as a nice custard taste.

Of course, my husband and I agreed that it wasn't as good as real purin, and it was a little too sweet. However, the custard flavor was really tasty, so I wasn't too upset about the sweetness. It was much better than the last purin KitKat I tried.


KitKat Website (Japanese)


Kelly said...

I found this to be on the caramel side for me, not as great as the regular sized Purin they had last year, that I really enjoyed.

Orchid64 said...

I think the Halloween purin version with milk chocolate would probably be better than a white chocolate version (less sweet, very likely). I haven't seen this one around, but there are just so many KitKats that it's hard to track them all down.

Isn't purin essentially a minor variant on flan or creme de caramelthough? Couldn't your husband get it in the U.S.?

Kelly said...

Yeah that's the same kind of one I meant Orchid, the milk chocolate purin, but it was a full size.

The white chocolate and purin flavour together is too much.

I don't know about in the US but we don't have any pudding flavoured snacks. I always thought purin was "creme caramel" as it always looks like that on the image, thought I could be wrong.

ebidebby said...

Kelly - I don't know why I liked this one so much! I expected it to be really sweet, but I must have been in a sweet mood.

Orchid 64 - For some reason, I really didn't care for the Halloween one, and found the caramel flavor to be pretty bad.

That's true that purin is basically flan, but he likes those little ready to eat purin cups they sell in Japan. Sometimes we make flan from a mix here, though, and that's pretty good!