Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nestle White Peach KitKat

White and Yellow Peach KitKats

I decided to split my review of the Nestle Peach KitKats into two parts because I wrote a review of White Peach last night, and meant to bring Yellow Peach with me to work today and review it, but grabbed another White Peach by accident.

These were purchased at the same store as the Purin KitKats from yesterday's review. That Japanese store (Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights, IL) never seems to have KitKats in stock when I go there, so I was thrilled to see these.

For some reason, white peach came in a pink wrapper, but in Japanese, the word 桃 (meaning peach - the fruit) can also mean pink. I think Japanese peaches tend to be pinker in color than the ones found in the United States.

White Peach KitKat

The bar smelled just like peach juice I have had in the past, and I was pleased that it didn't smell fake. The taste was also peachy - sweet, juicy, and refreshing. As with most white chocolate KitKats, it was a little over sweet, but in the small size, it didn't bother me too much.

I was pleasantly surprised, since my previous experience with fruity KitKats has been pretty negative. The peach flavor tasted genuine and pleasant. Both my husband and I (and Kelly at Sweet Pursuit) liked this one better than the Yellow Peach, which I will post about soon.


KitKat Website (Japanese)


mkfunroof said...

hmmmm... this sounds yummy!!

ebidebby said...

There's one waiting for you~~~!