Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chuao Choco Pod Modena

Choco Pod Modena

There's a Whole Foods-type store near my house called The Fresh Market, and they carry a lot of the fancier chocolate bars that I don't usually splurge on. When I was picking up some apples, I saw these Choco Pods at the check out. This strawberry and balsamic caramel in particular sounded interesting.

Reviewing fancy chocolate like this can be intimidating for someone like me who doesn't have the background to have a truly informed opinion. Therefore, I present this review as an enthusiast, not an expert.

Choco Pod Modena

The pod had a pretty design and smelled wonderful. I love dark chocolate, and this smelled especially good. The first bite was very complex, and my assumptions about the dark chocolate were correct. It was very good. The strawberry caramel was at first tart, then sweet, and it was a wonderful compliment to the smooth dark chocolate.

The dark chocolate melted on my tongue, just as the caramel went from tart to sweet. The balsamic was more of a background note, and perhaps added to the initial tartness. The caramel was runnier than I usually like caramel to be, but the flavor was so interesting that I didn't mind. For both flavor and texture, the Modena Choco Pod was a wonderful treat.

Cybele of Candy Blog also reviewed this and the full line of Choco Pods.


Chuao Chocolatier website


Lacey said...

Their passion fruit caramel pod is really wonderful, as well.

ebidebby said...

Really? I will have to pick that one up next time I'm at that store.