Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meiji Pucca Salt and Creamy Caramel

Pucca Creamy Caramel

Meiji is one of my favorite Japanese snack brands, but I had never tried Pucca before. I picked this up at a Japanese grocery store because my husband and I like limited edition snacks, and caramel is usually pretty good.

It seems like every company has a snack like Pucca, such as Koala's March or Hello Panda (which is also Meiji). However, Pucca is made with a pretzel shell instead of a cookie shell. They come in two shapes, as far as I could tell; one looked like a fish and the other looked like an octopus.


They smelled like caramel and pretzels, or like a very salty caramel. The fish and octopus shapes were really cute! The caramel cream was sweet and salty with a slightly cool feeling. My husband thought they had a cheese-like consistency. The pretzel was thin and crunchy, and the salt grains added a nice balance to the caramel.

I wish I had tried Pucca sooner! It wasn't too sweet, and the pretzel complimented the creamy filling very well. I was really pleased with these, and even though they weren't my favorite, I would definitely try other flavors.


Meiji website (Japanese)


Orchid64 said...

I didn't realize Pucca was a pretzel either. While I'd probably shy away from caramel, I'd consider something else if they all have pretzel shells!

Kelly said...

I've tried alot of different pucca, the cheesecake flavour, and the choc banana, so far, are my favourites.

I thought of buying this but i'm not such a huge caramel fan, though now I've read your review I think I will.

Cindy said...

Never tried Pucca?! These are the best. So many different flavors all the time. I just had a dark chocolate pretzel one w/dark chocolate inside. おいしかったよ。

ebidebby said...

Orchid64 - I definitely feel different about Pucca now, too! I'd love to try other kinds.

Kelly - Thanks! I hope you aren't disappointed!

Cindy - びっくりしましたか。I just thought it would be like Koala's March or something, but the pretzel was a pleasant surprise!