Sunday, May 24, 2009

Glico Matcha Collon

Matcha Collon

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of matcha (green tea) flavored snacks. I'm afraid my ratings tend to be a bit biased when it comes to matcha, but I try to give an idea of how strong the flavor is so that those who don't care for matcha can relate to the review. I know matcha isn't everyone's cup of tea (har har).

It's hard to review Collon without pointing out how silly the name sounds in English-speaking countries. Also, I feel I must mention that this is a heavier snack. One box (60 grams) is about 326 calories and contains 18.3 grams of fat. Collon is definitely something to be enjoyed in moderation, but most snacks are, anyway.

Matcha Collon

Upon opening the bag, I was treated to the smell of cream, with a faint trace of matcha. Collon is fluffy cream inside a crunchy wafer cylinder, like dessert Combos. These didn't survive the trip from Japan all that well, but the flavor hasn't been compromised.

The flaky crust was a little buttery and delicate, and very tasty. The cream was light and whipped, but didn't have a very strong matcha flavor. They definitely tasted different from regular Collon, and the matcha flavor was present, just not dominating. I didn't like how they left my mouth feeling oily, or the slight preservative-laden aftertaste. However, they were still enjoyable, and I think they could please both matcha fans as well as snackers who aren't as enamored with green tea.


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Kelly said...

I thought these were oily too! Not as good as the regular cream flavour I thought. I love matcha too, but it wasn't matcha-y enough for me.

I just bought a box of blueberry collon which I'm hoping to review soon. I've kind of having a backlog of Japanese snacks at the moment but trying to review other types too.

ebidebby said...

Oooh, blueberry Collon? That sounds good! Looking forward to your upcoming reviews!

mmk ranchroof said...

i loved ur cup of tea reference and chuckle! lol... collon!