Friday, May 15, 2009

Nestle Yellow Peach KitKat

White and Yellow Peach KitKats

Here's the other part of the Peach KitKat review: Yellow Peach. I'll come right out and say it - this is the weaker of the two. They were similar, but there were some nuances that made all the difference.

Based on the picture on the bag, I'm assuming that Yellow Peach was supposed to taste more like the peaches readily available in the United States. This gave me a better idea to what I should compare it.

KitKat Yellow Peach

It smelled similar to the White Peach, but the peach scent might have been stronger in the Yellow Peach. My first bite was good, at least initially. The white chocolate was smooth, sweet, and creamy, but didn't really taste like peach.

The peach flavor kicked in as a weird, sour aftertaste. It wasn't good, and ruined the bar for me. White Peach actually tasted like peach, and the flavor was better. I don't mind eating the Yellow Peach, but they were definitely not impressive.


KitKat Website (Japanese)


Cindy said...

Interesting they split the two types of peaches for this.

I still can't decide which of the actual fruits I like best. The Japanese 桃 are such a thing of beauty with a mild flavor, but the ones in the U.S. appeal to my sweeter's a hard battle with no clear winner.

ebidebby said...

I see your point. My cousins live in Georgia, so I would have to say I prefer a really fresh Georgia peach. I have never really had a very fresh white peach, so I can't really compare.