Monday, May 4, 2009

Meiji Rich Pistachio

Meiji Rich Pistachio

Two Meiji reviews in a row! My husband loves pistachios, so the last time I ordered KitKats from JBox, I picked this up with him in mind. The deep green packaging was quite attractive, which also lured me in.

I feel like I should mention the recent United States pistachio recall, but this bar is from Japan, and to my knowledge, Japan has not been affected by this. Plus, neither my husband nor I got sick from it.

Meiji Pistachio Chocolate

The bar was a pale green (lighter than the matcha bar) with brown flecks. It smelled a bit like roasted nuts. The flavored white chocolate tasted rich and smooth, and the bar had a lovely texture. As for the pistachio flavor, the bar was just a bit salty with a mild pistachio taste.

The bar wasn't too sweet, and had just a hint of nuttiness. All in all, it was another good white chocolate bar from Meiji! Personally, I thought the pistachio flavor could have been stronger, but my husband was able to detect the taste better than I was.


Meiji Website


Cindy said...

This JBox site looks dangerous. I'm gonna have to protect my credit card.

ebidebby said...

I've only bought candy there, but they have a huge selection, and it sure makes me miss Japan!

i♥pinkc00kies said...

wow they have this???

i love MEIJI!! esp. the black chocolate & the one with hazelnuts!