Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sour Mamba

Sour Mamba

Mamba is a little hard to find in my area, but I found these at the check-out counter in Home Depot (a hardware superstore) and couldn't resist. The last time I had tried Mamba was almost 10 years ago, and I didn't even know Sour Mamba existed.

Along the lines of Starburst, Mamba are fruit chews. The pack I bought came with lemon, strawberry, and orange, but there is also a raspberry flavor that I didn't get, and I was a little bummed to miss out on it.

Strawberry Sour Mamba

The chews were all a bit hard to chew at first, but once they warmed up, they softened. As promised on the package, they are sour all the way to the end, which I enjoyed. Lemon was my least favorite of the three, as it was quite tart but tasted a bit too artificial and chemical-laden to me. Orange tasted a lot like an orange Starburst, in that it was a watered down orange drink (Tang or Hi-C) flavor rather than orange juice. Still, it was tart and tasty.

Strawberry was my favorite, even though it didn't taste much like the actual fruit at all. The flavor was more like a berry punch, with a tart and juicy bite and no aftertaste. I think I will stick with Starburst (better texture) or Hi-chew (better texture and flavor) in the future if I want a chewy candy, but I wouldn't hesitate to eat Mamba or Sour Mamba if it was in front of me.

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