Saturday, January 9, 2010

Altoids Cool Honey

Altoids Cool Honey

Honey is something that I've only recently learned to enjoy. It seems strange, since my father always bought honey by the liters when I was a kid, but I never liked the taste. As I get older, though, it's definitely becoming sweet on me.

Altoids never had to grow on me, because I liked them the first time I tried one. Previously, I had been a loyal fan of the white TicTac, but Altoids were far mintier, and my sister and I used to go through tins much quicker than we should have.

Honey Altoids

Opening the tin, I could definitely smell the floral notes of the honey, as well as the cool mint. It was a nice, refreshing scent. The mints were a pale yellow instead of the usual white. I could just barely taste the honey in the mints themselves, and only for a split second. After that, I could hardly distinguish them from regular Altoids.

The Cool Honey mints were definitely good, but I wished I could taste the honey just a bit better. I suppose I'm glad that they didn't taste like cough drops, but aside from the cute bee-themed tin and the aroma, there was almost no difference between these and the standard version.

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