Friday, January 8, 2010

Casali Choco Banana

Choco Bananas

Specialty grocery stores are kind of dangerous for me, as I have a tendency to buy things I don't need. These Austrian banana sweets were one of those impulse purchases. I'm not normally a fan of banana flavored things, but these sounded interesting.

To be honest, part of the draw was that they reminded me of Japanese souvenir snacks. These particular candies are Austrian in origin, and it looks like strawberry and orange versions are also available.


The chocolates smelled slightly of banana, but mostly of a sweet, inexpensive chocolate. The banana center tasted a little sour and almost lemony, but I liked that it didn't have the rotten sweetness that I detect so often in banana candy. According to the package, they were made with real bananas, and it was reflected in the fairly authentic flavor.

The chocolate coating was a little crunchy, but the quality of the chocolate didn't seem great. Even though it was real chocolate, it was a little grainy and chalky in spots. The texture of the banana was soft, sticky, and spongy, like a marshmallow fluff. These were certainly unique, but not something I'd seek out again.

Here is another review of the Choco Bananas.


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Maylean Call said...

I'm sorry to hear that you don't like these. I myself haven't tried the banana flavour but I have indeed tried the strawberry. If you haven't tried those yet I'd highly suggest them! Its like eating a real chocolate covered strawberry. To each their own, however, I really feel like these are a nice treat. I have to force myself from eating them all at once.

With every product, you run into the slight changes that every batch has and I've found that some of the strawberry ones I've gotten have had a very strong flavour that had a bit of a bite to them. Still, the flavour of strawberry was never diminished.

Perhaps you didn't have this in the banana flavour but in the strawberries you couldn't really taste the chocolate enough to judge it. Its was simply a nice crunchy shell that added that slight bitter-sweet taste and unique texture to the odd filling.

Sorry to hear you didn't like them. And I have the same weakness with specialty stores. There's just so much to try out that I get all flustered. :3

Anonymous said...

I love these Casali bananas. They are delicious. Maybe the ones you bought were old??

Anonymous said...

Just finished my box of these and I think they are amazing. The chocolate wasn't overly sweet just perfect for the banana flavor. I say give them a second chance.