Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chuao Firecracker

Chuao Firecracker

I'm still working my way through the six chocolate bars I received this Christmas. This is the first of two that I have opened so far, now that the cookies and other more immediate perishables are gone.

This bar has a whole lot going on, and without even trying it, the Firecracker must get some points for originality. I've had salt and peppers in bars on their own, but popping candy in chocolate is entirely new to me. Pop Rocks were never my favorite candy as a kid (they hurt to eat and made my ears feel funny), but I tried to approach this bar with an open mind.

Chuao Firecracker

The [beautiful] bar didn't have a strong smell, just a mild chocolate aroma. From the first bite, I was surprised. Instead of a snap, the bite literally popped! The range of flavors as I chewed was exciting as well. It went from a smooth, nutty beginning to a salty and popping middle, with a medium-hot (and still popping) finish. With all that going on, it was a little tough to tell, but the dark chocolate itself seemed good.

The whole effect reminded me of popcorn, especially with the hints of salt. I could have done with more heat, but I understand that super hot does not appeal to everyone. The popping was strong but not to the point of being intense or violent. It was really fun to eat this bar, and it was unlike anything I've ever had before! I might be upping the rating a bit for novelty, but I really enjoyed the Firecracker and would definitely recommend it.

Scott Roberts also reviewed this at his spicy food blog.


Chuao Chocolatier website


Orchid64 said...

One of my husband's students gave him some white chocolate for Christmas and it was full of little pop rock types of candies. It's an interesting experience, for sure, but really does detract from experiencing the candy itself. In the end, we threw out most of it because the novelty wore off.

That being said, these were simple white chocolates, not the spicy sort you reviewed. They seemed much more interesting on multiple levels!

ebidebby said...

This was very interesting, but you're right, the novelty detracts from the taste of the bar. I don't think I'd buy it again, but it's a fun experience!