Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nestle Semisweet KitKat

KitKat Semisweet

Well, since I mentioned the other KitKats, I may as well review them all in a row. I still have several treats to sample and review from my generous package from, but even with tasting notes, I think it's best to review things while they are fresh in my memory.

This Semisweet KitKat was purchased from an Asian grocer in Richmond, British Columbia. As I mentioned, the one rainy day of my vacation spent in Vancouver was not very productive, except for the KitKats I acquired (oh, and eating kabocha croquette at Guu).

KitKat Semisweet

The very stylish box promised sweetness in moderation, and the KitKat delivered. The chocolate smelled bittersweet and strong, and the cocoa tasted slightly fruity. It was an interesting flavor balance with the wafers, but the snap of the darker chocolate was a great texture match.

Semisweet was easy to eat and very enjoyable. It reminded me of Bitter Almond, only less sweet. Nestle was going for a more adult flavor, and I'd say they nailed it. If this flavor was permanent (and available in the US), I could see myself buying it often.


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Orchid64 said...

Nestle really is pushing the less sweet/dark KitKats. This is one of 5 that I know of (the bitter almond one, the raspberry one, the adult sweetness one, and the Okashi no Machioka mild bitter one). Three of them are virtually the same thing. :-p

They are good, but really not particularly exciting or unusual. I think they need to hire more imaginative product designers. ;-)

ebidebby said...

It's very minimalist, isn't it? Maybe there was a crazy flavor backlash in their marketing department. I did like the raspberry more than the others, but Nestle is losing some steam for sure!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a flavor I could get involved with. I've been calling Asian grocers all around here, no one has anything! They always sound like they've never heard of Japanese Kit Kats.

ebidebby said...

Foodjunk - Japanese KitKats must be very expensive to import, because it seems like very few stores carry them in North America. You could get them online - it's getting to be fall, which is a great time to ship chocolate!