Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nestle Bitter Almond KitKat

KitKat Bitter Almond

My husband and I visited Vancouver, BC during our Seattle vacation, and I can tell you that if you go there, one day is not enough time. It was my fault for overscheduling our trip, but all we really got to do was walk around the various Asian malls in Richmond. It was raining all day anyway, so it worked out rather well.

During those shopping walks, I picked up a couple Japanese KitKats that I hadn't tried yet. These are more recent than the Milk Coffee KitKat I reviewed two weeks after expiration, but they aren't brand new, either. First up is Bitter Almond.

KitKat Bitter Almond

The bars smelled of slightly bitter cocoa. Just like on the package, I could see flecks of slivered almond just below the surface of the chocolate. The almond flavor was entirely on the roasted side of the spectrum (with none of the cherry notes I love), but that was probably a better match for the slightly bitter cocoa.

The almonds added an extra crunch to the texture, and the flavors went together very well. It reminded me of Almond Crush Pocky, only not as good. Stronger almond flavors probably would have won me over, but in the end, this KitKat was good but not great.


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Asian Food Grocer said...

It's hard to find different flavored Kit Kat's, but you can see Bitter Almond, Blueberry, Banana, and more at www.AsianFoodGrocer.com. I like the Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat's the best!

ebidebby said...

Asian Food Grocer - Thanks! I really like your site, actually. And Matcha is my favorite, too!

Anonymous said...

I need to get more Kit Kats. I have a Roasted Corn Kit Kat in my fridge right now! Just flown in from the Land of the Rising Sun.

ebidebby said...

Foodjunk - Ah yes, the Roasted Corn. I look forward to reading your review!