Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nestle KitKat Framboise

KitKat Framboise

This is the last of the September KitKat series, and Framboise is definitely my favorite. Like Semisweet and Bitter Almond, this one also seems to be tailored to adults, although it's probably more kid-friendly than the previous two.

This fall, I'm taking a French class one night a week. In high school, I studied French all four years, but switched to Japanese in college. My French suffered as a result, but at least I still remember that framboise means raspberry. Don't ask me to say "last week" in French though, because I'm totally drawing a blank. Hopefully we'll get to that in this week's class.

KitKat Framboise

Both the scent and flavor of this KitKat were very strong (and pretty authentic). The flavor was more like raspberry liqueur than the actual fruit, but I was blown away by how the framboise came through the chocolate. It reminded me of Chambord, although I should note that the KitKat didn't taste boozy.

The milk chocolate was creamy and smooth, and the raspberry flavor between the wafers was tart and delicate. It was a little sweet, but I really enjoyed it. Raspberry and chocolate are a classic combination, and this KitKat is a great example of why it works so well.


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Jeanna said...

Haven't had Chambord for a long time. We kept it in our liquor storage at work for years and never finished the bottle. I think liquors are made for desserts whether it's ice cream or chocolate, but I would never have figured them for Kit Kats.
Raspberry and chocolate, yum.