Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nabisco Pinwheels

Recently, my mom shared the link to my blog with some of her cousins, and they requested that I review Nabisco Pinwheels. When they were growing up, their grandmother (and my great-grandmother) always served these cookies during visits, and it's a treat they all remember fondly.

Marshmallow isn't my favorite, but my mom loves it, so I approached these cookies with an open mind. I was immediately encouraged by the mention of "pure chocolate" on the bag, since many similar cookies tend to go for mockolate. The Pinwheels themselves were attractive and glossy, and they reminded me more of windmills or small crullers.


The real chocolate did make a huge difference. Each cookie was coated in a thicker than expected layer of chocolate with a good snap and just a slight bitterness. The marshmallow layer was sweet, as expected, but the chocolate cookie on the bottom was mildly bitter, which balanced out the sweetness quite nicely.

I sampled these after dinner with my parents, my sister and her husband, and my husband, and everyone was pleased with the cookies. Each cookie is 120 calories, which is pretty typical for a cookie, except that marshmallow isn't terribly filling. Still, Pinwheels are probably my new favorite marshmallow cookie (better than Little Debbie Marshmallow Supremes) simply because the thick, real chocolate coating was so tasty. They were a little pricey at $4.99 US for a box of 12, but I'd definitely recommend them to any marshmallow fan.

Here's another review I found at Unbecoming Levity.


Nabisco website


Anonymous said...

Miss the old ones a lot. A sack a week. Toto bad for us

Anonymous said...

Why did Nabisco change the recipe for the Pinwheels? The darker chocolate was MUCH BETTER than the more "milk chocolate" covering now! Hey Nabisco. Change ISN'T always a good thing!! :-(