Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tohato Matcha Caramel Corn

Tohato Matcha Caramel Corn

The kind people at noticed my penchant for matcha, so this matcha Tohato caramel corn was just one of several matcha products in the samples they sent.

Tohato is a Japanese snack company, and Caramel Corn is one of their best known snacks, along with Tyrant Habanero. The two product lines are practically polar opposites (except that both are crunch snacks); Caramel Corn is sweet and sports some cute packaging whereas Tyrant Habanero is spicy and features Halloweenish "scary" faces.

Tohato Matcha Caramel Corn

This matcha caramel corn was made with kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup), which has a flavor like mild molasses. I could smell the kuromitsu, alone with hints of matcha. It was a light and crunch snack, and I could really taste the bitterness from the kuromitsu. It went very well with the green tea flavor, which also has a slight bitterness. To balance out the molasses and tea flavors, there was a moderate dose of sweetness.

The finish had a bit of fruitiness, and it really reminded me of a sugary cereal (maybe Froot Loops). The texture was like a cereal, too, and it even cut the roof of my mouth. Everything about these was light and addictive, although they left a slight oily film in my mouth. Despite the film, I ate half the bag in one sitting. I'd advise you to either do the same or share them with friends quickly, because after only a few hours open (rolled up with a rubber band), they had started to go stale.


Tohato Caramel Corn website


Tasty Japan said...

Wow, is this back again? I had this ages ago..think maybe a couple of years at least...and really loved it. Gotta keep my eyes out for it!! :)

ebidebby said...

It's still on the Tohato website, so hopefully you'll be able to find it!