Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meiji Strawberry Tartlette Takenoko no Sato

Strawberry Tartlette

Notes for this review have been sitting around since Japan's most recent strawberry boom. It seems to come around every year, but despite seeing the same KitKats every year, these Takenoko no Sato were new to me.

For me, the question was, "Will that little ring of white chocolate around the bottom of the cookie really change the taste enough to distinguish these from any other strawberry Takenoko no Sato?"

day 143

I'm not sure I've had a tartlette before, but these had a nice, tart, fairly authentic strawberry flavor. The slightly salty crunchy cookie did remind me a bit of pie crust, but it took a little imagination.

What stood out was the slight yogurt flavor (probably to mimic the cream in the picture), and that extra bit of tartness did make a difference. However, I've said it before and it still stands true - the crunchy/chewy balance just doesn't translate to the big, special versions.


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Anonymous said...

Cool. I have these laying around as well. Hopefully I'll get to eating (and reviewing) them soon! :D

ebidebby said...

It's hard to get excited about trying yet another strawberry candy, isn't it?