Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mentos Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple Mentos

These days, it seems like Mentos are more known for their reaction with Diet Coke, but I can't help but remember the goofy ads from the early 90s (or the parody music video by the Foo Fighters) where ordinary citizens solved their problems with breath mints.

This Korean flavor of Mentos was provided by Tsunami.hk. The English slogan for Mentos is The FreshMaker, but the Korean website included a few others, like That's so Mentos and Be fresh with world best seller Mentos. If freshness is your goal, a fruity flavor like Fuji Apple probably isn't the best choice, but it's an orange Tic Tac situation: these are candies, not breath mints.

Fuji Apple Mentos

The candies had an intensely powerful and realistic apple juice flavor, but the strength did hurt the authenticity just a bit. Still, the Mentos were very juicy and tart, and it was easy to knock back several in one sitting.

These would probably please anyone with a favorable opinion of apples, and though I can't say for sure that they taste like the Fuji variety, I was impressed that these tasted like apple without tasting like cider. Still, I can't imagine a worse breath mint, so you may want to pop some regular Mentos afterward, just in case.


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Kady the Red Panda said...

I like apples in real life, but can't stand green apple candies. That particular flavor is the most obviously chemical of all artificial flavorings.

I really wish we had these in Atlanta. Too bad they're only really on sale in Southeast Asia. I have friends in the Philippines, but I don't want to empty out their bank accounts over sending me candy. Ah, well, I guess I can always stock up like there's no tomorrow if I ever visit them...

ebidebby said...

I agree with you about apple flavoring, although banana flavoring is worse for me. We really do get shortchanged as far as Mentos flavors in the US! Hopefully, they try some new products soon!