Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fujiya Vegetable and Fruit Cookies

Anpanman Cookies

Bear with me readers, because this is kind of a weird one. These Anpanman (red bean paste filled bread man) cookies are made with spinach and banana. Even though there were vegetable characters on the bag, I can't help but wonder if, like other sneakily healthful foods, the idea is that kids are supposed to gobble them up without thinking about the vegetables inside. Either way, these cookies were passed on to me through two different friends whose kids didn't like them, so I don't think it's working.

Truthfully, I was supposed to give them to my nephew, but I figured he wouldn't like them, either, and I couldn't resist having a taste. My nephew is a big fan of real vegetables, so I didn't feel too guilty about keeping them. There was also a bag of carrot cookies that I didn't photograph. Although carrot seemed like a safer bet, those actually tasted worse.

Anpanman Cookies

The cookies smelled like grass and vanilla. They tasted very faintly of banana, and the flavor seemed a bit fake to me. While they were sweet, there was something weird about them. The cookies tasted sour like chewable vitamins, but not in a good way.

The cookies were crunchy, but like vitamins, they had a chalky texture. The banana killed some of the sourness, but let's face it: even kids don't like these. At least they were better than the carrot cookies.


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