Sunday, December 30, 2012

Boyer Dark Chocolate Mallo Cup

Boyer Dark Chocolate Mallo Cup

After dinner out at a Korean restaurant with my husband and his friends, we stopped at a carry-out for some wine. Getting back into blogging was my excuse for perusing the candy shelves, and I just couldn't resist trying Boyer cups again. Maybe I should start saving the play money!

Boyer is known for Mallo Cups, but I'm not sure I've ever had one. I had never evem seen the dark chocolate variety, but since milk chocolate and marshmallow sounded a bit too sweet, dark seemed like the best choice. The packaging itself was eye-catching, and it reminded me a bit of a comic book.

Dark Mallo Cup

The cups had a strong cocoa scent. My first bite was surprising because I was not expecting coconut! It's on the ingredient list, of course, but it's not mentioned anywhere on the front of the package. The coconut added a little texture to the cup, but coconut haters, be forewarned!

The dark chocolate itself wasn't great. It was firm, but tasted a little powdery, especially in areas where the chocolate was a bit thicker. The marshmallow filling was pretty tasty. It had a light vanilla flavor, and the dark chocolate helped keep it from seeming too sweet. When the chocolate, marshmallow, and coconut were all in the right balance, it was pretty good.


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Unknown said...

I was really excited to get these when I saw them because I love dark chocolate and thought it would taste great with marshmallow. Then, the coconut surprise ruined them for me! I wish they would have put a little warning on the packing.

Grocery Gems said...

I love coconut so these sound really good to me but it's strange that they don't mention the coconut on the front!

ebidebby said...

Coconut is such a strange choice for a surprise ingredient! Coconut is one of those polarizing foods. It's not something like vanilla extract that pretty much everyone likes and doesn't have a strong flavor or texture. Thank you both for commenting!