Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chocolove 70% Cocoa Content

Chocolove 70% Cocoa

From previous experience, I can say that 80% chocolate is just too strong to enjoy often (though it makes lovely cookies). Still, sometimes 60% just isn't enough. Thank goodness for Chocolove.

This cute little bar will set you back about 200 calories if you eat the whole thing, but at 70% cocoa content, it's tough to really scarf down (unless you REALLY love dark chocolate, perhaps). Two or three pieces at a time was plenty for me, and still, the bar was gone too fast.

Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate

The bar had a gorgeous satin finish and a nice crisp snap. It smelled just a bit like coffee, and was very slow to melt on the tongue. The cocoa was fairly bold but not very acidic; it was bitter and just a tad fruity.

The finish was very clean, and that slow melt gave the bar a pleasant texture with no hint of oiliness. It was such a sad moment when this bar was gone, and I would love to eat it again, or even better - try other Chocolove bars.


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