Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tirol Premium Roundup

Tirol Chocolates

Premium Tirol are rather difficult to locate in the United States. Many Japanese stores in the Midwest carry the regular assorted Tirol packs, but I have never seen the premium variety in stores.

The flavors in this review are Cream Anmitsu, Vanilla Yogurt, and Hokkaido Cheese, and they were purchased from napaJapan. Premium Tirol are slightly larger (and supposedly of better quality) than the standard variety, and the flavors are changed more regularly, much like KitKats.

Cream Anmitsu Tirol

First up was Cream Anmitsu, which was a Tirol version of a popular Japanese dessert that is somewhat like a fruit salad with jellies, red beans, ice cream, and sometimes mochi. The piece smelled like azuki and mochi, and the gel and syrup were slightly sweet. The gel inside was like the agar jelly in the dessert - the texture reminds me of chewing on the inside of your cheek. The chocolate was smooth, creamy, and carried most of the bean flavor. The syrup gave the whole thing a fruity feel, and was a great representation of the actual dessert! A-

Hokkaido Cheese Tirol

Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, is known for its dairy products, thus we have Hokkaido Cheese flavored Tirol. It smelled and tasted just like cheese spread and not like real cheese. There was no sign of chocolate here, just a processed cheese flavor with a crunchy biscuit. If that's your thing, you'd probably like it. I was surprised at the uniqueness, but not impressed with the flavor, and my husband thought it tasted like Combos. C

Vanilla Yogurt Tirol

Finally, there was Vanilla Yogurt (and a different light source in my photo). It had a strong vanilla scent, and a cool vanilla taste. It was like a creamy white chocolate homemade candy (think a meltaway mint without the mint) that melted in my mouth. The syrup inside was basically simple syrup infused with vanilla, and the center piece felt like meringue on my tongue. It was quite tasty, but I didn't really taste yogurt, just vanilla and white chocolate. I have never tried the actual product on which it is based, but I did like the chocolate. B+

Orchid64 of Japanese Snack Reviews has also reviewed all three of these flavors, so have a look at her take on Hokkaido Cheese, Cream Anmitsu, and Vanilla Yogurt. For a positive review of Hokkaido Cheese, check out Tasty Japan.

Tirol website


Jay said...

Nice review! Not sure if you saw the new Apple Pie Tirol that just came out. I have them in stock (listed by the end of the weekend) and can give you a sample if you like. They are my favorite Tirol to date. Actually, my favorite confectionery release of 2010! Absolutely amazing.

The chocolate is yellow and has the classic homemade cinnamon apple flavor. Plus crunchy bits of pie pastry and what tastes like apple skins embedded in the chocolate. Only available at one store and limited. I definitely will stock up.

btw, thanks for the link :) Jason

Cindy said...

The anmitsu one looks like heaven.

Orchid64 said...

You should definitely try the Apple Pie Tirol if you have a chance. I have a review coming for it starting on Monday, I believe. They are just as good as Jay has said and also my favorite Tirol to date. Truly, they're the best. I think I'll actually airmail a few to some friends back home to sample.

Also, next time you're in Japan, try that vanilla yogurt. The candy pales in comparison. :-)

Tasty Japan said...

I'm surprised by how many people don't like the Hokkaido Cheese Tirol.

Yasu and I had some over the weekend and went into raptures over the cheese in the middle, and we love it. Thankgod we got 10 of them :)

I guess maybe it's a Hokkaido thing. :)

ebidebby said...

Jay - I just placed a new order on your fantastic site last week, but these Tirol sound like they are worth making another order! I will definitely get some. So far, it seems like every time I order something, you've got something new I want to try!

Cindy - It was quite tasty! Thanks for your comment.

Orchid64 - Oh, I definitely will get some Apple Pie Tirol. They sound divine! And I want to try the vanilla yogurt, too.

Tasty Japan - I think it must be a Hokkaido thing. I've never been there, myself! But I hope you do post a review of them.

Mr. Pineapple Man said...

omg looks so delicious! love the reviews~

Dollars to Yen said...

I disagree with the yogurt candy, but that's only because I LOVE that yogurt! Great review!

Tasty Japan said...

Hi, Review will be posted this week. Also I've linked to you in my review which will be posted this week for the mixed bag of Tirol (momo,kuri,kaki)