Saturday, April 17, 2010

Choxie Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee Truffle Bar


The Choxie line at Target is inconsistent at best. This bar (and many of the others I've tried) was purchased on clearance, so I approached it with some caution. Still, the description caught my eye: "Caramel and vanilla-infused white chocolate truffle with a touch of toffee, blended in milk chocolate."

Despite having the longest name of any candy bar I've ever heard, the mention of toffee caught my eye. The whole bar is a whopping 400 calories, and from looking at a review on The Girl Tastes from 2008, it looks like there was a packaging design change.

Choxie Bar

The bar had a nice shine to it, and smelled milky. The bite was quite solid, especially since I was expecting a soft truffle filling. It was more like actual white chocolate. There were plenty of toffee bits inside (which seems like an improvement from the 2008 version).

I could taste the vanilla in the white chocolate filling, but didn't get any caramel from it. The toffee had a nice crunchy texture and good flavor, but it didn't really say creme brulee to me. The sweetness level was all right, and the milk chocolate was okay, but didn't add much. It did exceed my expectations, but a little went a long way.


Target Choxie website

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