Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cadbury Mini Eggs Popping

Cadbury Mini Eggs Popping

Cadbury Mini Eggs were a bit of an Easter tradition in my house growing up. For what seems like my entire childhood, most Cadbury products were Easter only. I know it's blasphemy, but I am not and have never been a fan of the famous Creme Eggs. Even to my young, Starburst-addicted tongue, they were just too sweet.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are a different story. I like them better than Hershey's chocolate, and there's none of that messy white (and yellow) junk inside. Also, the candy shell has a lovely matte finish with a little more sophistication than the gloss of an M&M or Robin's Egg. The particular variety reviewed here has popping candy inside and was purchased at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario.

Cadbury Popping Eggs

The eggs smelled like hot cocoa, and the candy shell and the chocolate on the inside seemed very crunchy (probably because of the popping candy). The popping effect didn't kick in right away, but once it did, each individual pop was mild - there were just a lot of those little pops.

It was a fun and interesting combination: mild, rich, creamy, milk chocolate and active popping candy. The pops were a good match for the texture of the shell. I prefer the regular eggs, just because too much popping candy can be annoying, but the pops were gentle enough here for me to not mind too much.


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