Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wonka Pink Lemonade Kazoozles

Wonka Kazoozles

Like many kids, I used to like sour, fruity candy much better than chocolate. My tastes have since changed, but I still hold a spot in my heart for goofy candy like Wonka Kazoozles. They also spoke to my love of Anatomy and Physiology, one of my favorite subjects in both high school and college, but more on that later.

Along with Pink Lemonade, Kazoozles also come in Cherry Punch. A Kazoozle is basically a licorice-style tube filled with soft, fruit punch flavored candy. The colors were bright and bold, and definitely earned some fun points. "Kazoozle" is also fun to say and type.

Wonka Kazoozles

The tubes didn't have much of a scent, at least not a fruity one. The main tastes were sour and sweet, but I couldn't detect much of a lemon flavor. The center tasted a little like cherry, but overall, flavors were weak. On taste alone, Kazoozles were a C at best, but they did have other things going for them.

The texture, at least, was interesting. The tougher exterior went well with the soft center. I was expecting the center to be tougher, like taffy, but it had a consistency more like that of nougat. To be honest, my inner biology nerd was reminded of bone marrow, but that's not to say that the outside was crunchy (ew). Kazoozles were definitely a fun distraction, but I don't see myself buying them again.


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Lodro Petso said...

I just saw these at the check out line in my local supermarket the other day...I thought they looked gross!

Anonymous said...

I love pink lemonade and candy but I think I'll pass. Did u see Mike and Ike has Bubble Gum?!!!!

ebidebby said...

Lodro Pesto - You were right. They were nothing special.

Anon - Good choice! And no, I didn't see that! I will have to look into it.