Friday, February 12, 2010

Meiji Lemon Pupurun

Lemon Pupurun

The second of three Pupurun flavors I bought is lemon, a flavor I usually enjoy. A few weeks ago, I saw an adorable Pupurun commercial on YouTube, but didn't realize that it was the same candy I bought.

I'm glad I didn't make the commercial connection right away, as it's harder to eat something once it's been personified. Still, I wouldn't hesitate to eat them in the future.

Lemon Pupurun

The scent in the bag was not nearly as overwhelming as the tropical flavor, but it still smelled sour. I was used to the texture, so I could focus on the flavor. It was quite tasty, and the lemon was fairly authentic. It was tart and slightly floral, but managed to avoid tasting like cleaner or cough drops.

I should mention the texture again, as it is what really sets Pupurun apart from other gummies. The skin is just a little tough and the center is amazingly soft and glossy. This time, I took a picture of a gummy cross-section to try and get that point across. It was the blend of those textures, coupled with the solid lemon flavor, that made these gummies another winning Pupurun variety.


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