Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meiji Tropical Mix Pupurun


On my recent trip to Mitsuwa near Chicago, I picked up several flavors of Meiji Pupurun gummies on clearance. The line still appears on Meiji's website, so I am not sure why they were so cheap. Perhaps new packaging is on the way? In any case, the first of the flavors up for review is Tropical Mix.

The big selling point of these gummies is that they have 1200 mg of chewable collagen. I'm fairly certain that there is no scientific evidence that ingesting collagen does anything special for your skin, but it probably helps sell products.


Upon opening the bag, I could smell pineapple and mango, but the smell reminded me of fruity quasi-boozy cocktails. The gummies were quite large st almost 20 mm in diameter. The texture was a bit weird at first, with a tougher, chewy outer layer over a soft, sticky center.

The flavor was very juicy and a little tart, with a distinctly tropical flavor. It was a lot like pineapple juice, with a splash of mango. There were both natural and artificial flavors listed on the label, as well as both agar-agar and fish collagen. No results on skin smoothness yet, but despite the gimmick, the gummies were very tasty.


Pupurun website

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