Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nestle KitKat White

KitKat White

Recently, my parents went to the Chicago area because my grandpa lives there, and those Chicago area trips usually include a visit to Mitsuwa, a big Japanese grocery store. I asked them to pick up some groceries for me, and they brought me, among other things, KitKat White.

We have white chocolate KitKats in the US, but I believe they are only in mini KitKat variety packs (along with darks and regulars) and are no longer available in full size. I actually really like those mini white chocolate KitKats, but maybe it's because they are small.

KitKat White

This one was not small. The Japanese version tasted creamier than its American counterpart, but, as is expected with white chocolate KitKats, it was very sweet. It wasn't as bad as some others have been, but it was the kind of sweet that burns your throat. But in this case, there was none of the bizarre flavor payoff that makes it kind of worth it!

To be fair, it wasn't supposed to be a bizarre flavor, but I just can't help feeling like something is missing. I realize I'm being biased and that there should be basic KitKat flavors, but I just wish this one didn't have that painful sweetness. I found the box to be very elegant, though, it's definitely got that going for it.


KitKat Website (Japanese)


Orchid64 said...

I have actively avoided this every time I have seen it because I believed it was just going to be a huge pile of sweetness without the flavor. I see that my concerns were not ill-founded! Given all the claims that the Japanese don't like super sweet things, I'm surprised this continues to be one of the few varieties that I see as a staple in my local markets.

Par said...

haven't see the white one yet, maybe if I keep looking...hehehe

ebidebby said...

I agree that this goes against Japanese people not liking super sweet things! I haven't had a KitKat that wasn't super sweet in ages.

Is this still available in Japan?