Monday, December 8, 2008

Kinder Überraschung (Surprise)

Kinder Überraschung

A friend of mine at work just got back from a European vacation. I was able to set aside my insane jealousy for a moment when she brought chocolate to share. Basically, this is a chocolate egg with a toy inside! Kinder eggs are especially neat to Americans because we can't be trusted with them here, choking hazard, you know. Somehow, I managed not to choke on this one.

The egg has some weight to it, obviously from the toy inside. It's also very satisfying to shake, but while I was shaking mine, it started to melt. Not good for photographs, so I put it down in my desk until I would have a chance to review properly.

The Egg

The egg came home with me and after dinner, my husband and I decided to crack it. Well, it actually just fell apart when I unwrapped it, but it broke in half pretty evenly. I suspect the yellow plastic egg (with toy inside) is what I was supposed to choke on.

Cracked Egg

As the pictures show, the egg had a milk chocolate outer layer and a white chocolate inner layer. I wish it had just been milk chocolate, because the white chocolate layer made it too sweet. I wasn't in love with the chocolate, but since the chocolate is only part of the deal here, I'll let it slide. It's definitely for kids, but at least it tasted better than Palmer. It's nice when companies give kids a little credit.

The Toy

I wasn't crazy about the toy, though. It was definitely fun to wonder which toy I would get. Too bad I got this one. All in all, though, it was a fun experience that Americans don't often get to enjoy. The chocolate was a B-, but the experience was an A!


Magic Kinder Website


Orchid64 said...

The reasons these are restricted in the U.S. is not related only to choking, but an act issued in 1938 that prohibits non-nutritive items being embedded in confections. My guess is that the guideline was likely put in place a long time ago to cover a variety of issues regarding consumer safety (including machine parts falling into food items, cheating on the weight of confections by incorporating non-food items, or tampering).

The choking issue was actually addressed in Europe as well. I recall reading something recently about issues with these eggs in Germany, but I don't know what came of it.

I used to see Kinder eggs in Japan, but haven't seen them for years now. I don't think they're sold here anymore, except as European imports. I think I had one once, but didn't find the chocolate or toy all that impressive. Generally, I love Ferrero products (esp. Ferrero Rocher and Bueno), but the eggs didn't seem all that great to me.

MTD said...

Hi! Great site!

Seeing this post brought back childhood memories. I used to buy Kinder eggs for the toys. Didn't really care much for the chocolate, it was too sweet for my taste. I wish it was more chocolate-y, but I guess the taste is geared towards kids.

I would so buy it for my kids if Kinder brought the eggs to the Philippines! We only have the Kinder Bueno here.

Kelly said...

We have those kinder eggs in Australia, they are so popular here, they make collections for the kids to collect. It's the only egg you can buy all year round, not just at easter time! I love the chocolate. Kinder products are pretty popular here, we have the happy hippo's, kinder bars, kinder eggs, bueno etc. Yum!

ebidebby said...

Orchid64 - Oh, I didn't know that! Also, I saw pictures online of toys that were much cooler than the one I got, so I guess it's a luck thing.

Miru Tamano Dianalan - Thanks for visiting, and commenting! I think I would have liked it much better as a child. We had a similar product here in the US when I was small, but it had candy inside.

Kelly - I'm so jealous! I really love some other Kinder product, too.