Friday, December 19, 2008

Meiji Kinoko no Yama Mild Bitter

Mild Bitter Kinoko no Yama

Meiji snacks almost never disappoint me. Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato are especially reliable, not to mention adorable. The original flavors are great, and the special flavors are typically fantastic.

Mild Bitter Kinoko no YamaFrom what I can remember, this is probably the second or third kind of Kinoko no Yama that I've tried. Kinoko means mushroom in Japanese, so the name of this snack translates to Mushroom Mountain. Pretty cute, huh?

Mild Bitter Kinoko no Yama

These are delicious and very addictive! The chocolate is great! It's not too sweet, with just enough bitterness, and it smells fantastic. With the cracker/cookie stick, the texture and flavor combination is perfect. My husband and I couldn't stop eating these!

They certainly aren't gourmet or anything, but they are a darn good snack. I'm glad I opened them when my husband was home, because otherwise, I would have eaten all of them in one sitting. I would absolutely buy these again, and would be more than willing to try other flavors!


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Par said...

I been avoiding getting them but I guess I should buy some to

ebidebby said...

Avoiding them because they are addictive or because you don't think you'll like them?