Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Morinaga Koeda Deep Matcha

Deep Matcha

Yet another box of sweets from my recent trip to Japan! These were purchased at a grocery store in Osaka about a block from my hostel. On a side note, I'd definitely recommend staying at that hostel (J-Hoppers) if you are traveling on a budget! My husband and I both found the beds comfortable, the rooms quiet and clean, and the location very convenient. But back to the chocolate...

Basically, these are chocolate covered matcha sticks. Koeda means twig, and I suppose that's a more picturesque description. The matcha part has a crispy texture, possibly from rice. There was also a chestnut flavor, but I gave those away to a friend, so sadly, I have no idea what they taste like. In any case, I find the packaging to be pretty and even classy. Who doesn't love classy chocolate? You can see from the picture of the box (which wasn't photographed very well, I apologize) that the outer layer is chocolate and inside is matcha white chocolate and (presumably) crisp rice.

Koeda Matcha Sticks

The box contains several bags (6-8, I can't remember), each containing two twigs. The whole box has over 20 grams of fat, so it's definitely a "pace yourself" kind of sweet. Pacing myself was not easy, however, because these are delicious! The matcha taste is just right, and the smooth chocolate melts with the crispiness so well. They were not too sweet, but not bitter, either. I was so sad when they were gone and will be asking my Japanese friend to bring more when she visits this winter.

In the past, I have used these as an edible garnish for matcha ice cream because I find them so delicate and pretty. They also tasted good cold. I could eat these forever. Again, I may be biased. It seems a lot of my matcha reviews are As...


Morinaga Website (Japanese)


Orchid64 said...

I've noticed that Japanese snacks in general have less sugar than American ones, but more fat. They don't taste as sweet sometimes (which can be good or not depending on the treat), but they're no better for you and can even have greater calorie density. Of course, it does make their chocolate good, creamy, and melty. :-)

I'd have kept the chestnut. Yum!

ebidebby said...

I've noticed that, too. In theory, it's easier to eat a lot of something sugary than it is to eat something fatty, but it doesn't always work out that way.

If given a choice, I will always choose matcha. Especially if I can't have both.

Kelly said...

I haven't tried the matcha, but i love the original with vanilla icecream! It's so yummy. Have you guys noticed you both have similar profile pics...both red heads! :) I knew there was a reason i keep getting you mixed up...that and you both blog about japanese sweets... :) and i enjoy reading both of yours!

ebidebby said...

I never noticed! Hehe. And thanks for reading!