Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Morinaga Strawberry Yogurt Hi-Chew

NOTE: Kelly has informed me that Morinaga has issued a recall on some flavors of Hi-chew, as they may contain pieces of rubber gloves. Here's an English article about it, which contains a link to a Japanese article. The flavors being recalled are grape and green apple with expiration dates in June 2009. Thanks to Kelly, and please take care, everyone.

Strawberry Yogurt Hi-chew

I am a big fan of Hi-chew. The texture is great, and to date, there has only been one flavor (out of at least 10) that I have tried and not liked. That flavor was watermelon, by the way, and it tasted like cucumber. I like cucumber, but not in chewy candy form. Anyhow, I found some of my notes on this flavor and thought I should post the review.

The packaging is cute and fun, as usual, and caught my eye. I didn't buy this, though, a friend of mine did and she gave me a few so I could review them. This is how I get a lot of my candy.

Strawberry Yogurt Hi-chew

Strawberry yogurt (the real thing) is delicious, and even though these weren't quite as delicious, they were pretty good. The strawberry flavor was nice and tart and pretty authentic. The yogurty sourness was also good, but I think I'd rather have plain strawberry Hi-Chew, if given the choice.


Morinaga Website (Japanese)


Kelly said...

Please be careful of Hichew. It was on the Japanese nightly news a couple of nights ago that Hichew is dangerous to eat as there have been rubber gloves found in various hichew flavours, and not to eat hichew unless they give the all clear. It is being recalled.

ebidebby said...

Really? Wow, that's scary! Thank you for letting me know. This review is for Hi-chew that I ate a few months ago, but I will definitely avoid it until things are set right.

Anonymous said...

Uuuurg, I feel a little queasy because I just reviewed Hi-chew grape AND Green Apple just recently. Of all the flavors!

I'm surprised the yogurt strawberry is all pink colored and not wrapped in a white outer layer. Are all the yogurt flavors like that? (I haven't found yogurt Hi-chews here yet)

ebidebby said...

What bad luck! Did they seem extra rubbery?

I'm not sure about the coloring, I've only tried this one yogurt flavor.