Saturday, August 2, 2008

Orbit Sangria Fresca Gum

Orbit Sangria Fresca

I know I said I wouldn't do another gum review for a while, but while cooking, I found this pack of Sangria Fresca in my cupboard and just couldn't resist. It literally came out of the woodwork. If you're curious, this was the 13th flavor of Orbit I tried.

This one smells and tastes like Kool-Aid. I can't really place the fruity flavors, but there's definitely citrus going on. I don't taste any wine, so I don't think it passes for Sangria, but it's still pretty tasty gum.

Orbit Sangria Fresca

The texture is good, but I'll admit I didn't chew it all the way, because I'm not keen on gum right now. Orbit gum is pretty dependable (except for that pomegranate) and I've had this before and remember it having a decent life (at least 10 minutes of flavor) and it never got soft and sticky.

It doesn't have a mint flavor, but it doesn't leave your moth feeling stale, so this one is pretty good. Better than Fabulous Fruitini, which was released at the same time.


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Anonymous said...

All your gum reviews have left me with the desire to buy some orbit. I did go and buy mint mojito and it is good. If I make it out to a store today I need to buy more gum of some sort...I'm also totally wishing I bought the strawberry mint when I saw it but I had bought rasberry mint or something. Not my fav, but not horrible

ebidebby said...

Ooh, Mint Mojito was fun. I really like raspberry mint myself, but I'm such a mint/fruit combo fan.

Tell me what you think of the Mint Mojito! Oh, and today I got "Easy Breezy" stuck in my head, and it made me think of you. Hehe.

Connie said...

Meant to comment earlier but I apparently failed. So, Mint Mojito...I love it. It reminds me a bit of an actual mojito. I like the citrus kick that it has. I just bought citrus mint and too me it was mojito makes a better citrus mint (which I guess doesn't say much the the mojito part of the equation...kinda like who the sangaria fresca doesn't taste like wine). Mint Mojito is way up on my list of favs that and Maui Melon mint are my top 2. Citrus mint is like on the bottom I think :/

Oh and I really can't decide if I like Sangaria Fresca or not. I thought I liked it but I dunno...It's kinda odd...not bad but yeeeaaaah....

I keep thinking of everyone when I watch Code Blue because it has Yamapi and it makes me think of karaoke parties and the singing of Yamapi songs.

ebidebby said...

I love Mint Mojito, it's probably one of my favorites. Top 3 for sure. You should make a blog, too! It's quite fun. :)