Friday, August 1, 2008

Ice Breakers Strawberry Smoothie Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes Strawberry Smoothie

A friend of mine got a 2 for 1 deal on this gum, so I keep trying different kinds. Nothing has wowed me yet, and although the flavors are good, I'm holding a grudge because 10 pieces is not enough. Am I paying for the shape? And why is the word "Whoa!" on the box, getting my expectations unreasonably high?

Actually, this one was pretty good. These had a really nice creamy strawberry flavor, but it didn't hang around that long. After the cooling was gone, I felt like most of the strawberry flavor was gone (unlike Kiwi Watermelon), but it wasn't unpleasant to chew or stale-tasting.

So nothing to get excited about, but not at the bottom of the list, either. I really need some kind of rating system.


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