Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meiji Strawberry Yan Yan

Meiji Strawberry YanYan

When my husband and I were getting dinner at a local Mediterranean deli, I was surprised to find Yan Yan next to the register for 99 cents. Well, my Meiji obsession would not let me ignore this, and we had to pick some up with dinner.

I remembered reading about it in Candy Blog, and it's a good thing, because Yan Yan contains cheese, and thanks to the review, I knew to grab a Lactaid. Interestingly, Cybele's 2006 review also mentions a gram of trans fat, which has since been removed.

Meiji Strawberry YanYan

The sticks were very cute, with little animal faces and phrases that sometimes applied to the animal on the stick but usually didn't (see above photo). The dip was shiny and smelled like strawberry cream cheese.

I wasn't really crazy about it, actually. I liked the cookie sticks, and I liked that the dip wasn't frosting sweet, but at the same time, I think I wish it was sweeter (I was surprised, too) and less rich. I suppose it's not really fair for me to rate something cheesy, as cheese and I do not get along. My husband really liked them, and he finished the Yan Yan in a couple days.

I'd still like to try vanilla and chocolate Yan Yan, and I hear there is/was a green tea version.


Meiji Website (Japanese)

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

i <3 this.. the chocolate one!