Monday, May 30, 2011

Look Matcha Anmitsu

Matcha Anmitsu LOOK

I really need to replenish my stash. It's down to just one KitKat (Yakiimo). This weekend, I had wanted to go to Toronto for a little shopping, but various parties and gatherings kept us in town. The weekend was fun, anyhow, but my candy supply is in critical condition.

This flavor of LOOK is Millstone Ground Matcha Anmitsu. I'll just take them for their word on the millstone ground bit, but anmitsu is a Japanese dessert made with jelly cubes, sweet red beans, black sugar syrup, and in this case, matcha. Everything is better with matcha.

LOOK Matcha Anmitsu

The pieces just smelled like milk chocolate. Inside the shell, the matcha filling was creamy with small, grainy, millstone ground bits that melted smoothly. The flavor was a bit bitter and grassy, but it was very mild. Above the matcha filling was a thin layer of anmitsu, which was just slightly bitter with a hint of azuki flavor (only detectable when the syrup is tasted alone).

The milk chocolate was sticky, but the sweetness balanced the mildly bitter flavors nicely. I liked the grainy to smooth texture of the filling, but it would have been interesting to see some of the jelly texture brought in (I suppose that's best left to Tirol). It's hard to recreate the marriage of tastes and textures that is anmitsu. Matcha Anmitsu LOOK was pleasant, but the flavors, especially the matcha, just weren't strong enough to wow me.


Fujiya LOOK website


Jisoo said...

Hi,I also tried it in March. As you said, the flavor of match
was far from my expectation, and anmitu was rarely felt.
I am a big fan of match Choco like you, but I still keep it since that. Among the generic level match chocolates, Meiji rich match bar is the best, I think. Of course, it is a seasonal limited edition.

ebidebby said...

Thanks for commenting! I agree with you, Meiji's rich matcha bar is incredible, especially for the price! said...

I agree, usually the flavor of the Fujiya LOOK chocolate is not that strong in general i guess...Nevertheless they come up with pretty interesting flavor combinations sometimes :)