Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lotte Custard Waffle Koala's March


Koala's March is a snack that takes me back to my childhood - pretty strange, since it's a Japanese snack. In the mid 1980s, they were sold as Koala Yummies, and I have some vague memories of watching Noozles on Nick Jr. and eating these little cookies. Japanese koalas must have been big then. Here's a blog post about Koala Yummies, if you're feeling nostalgic.

They are long gone in American stores, but they never went away in Asia. In Japan, they are known as コアラのマーチ (Koala's March), but they haven't really changed. Of course, there are plenty of limited edition flavors to try, and this one is Custard Waffle (purchased at NapaJapan).

Koala's March - Custard Waffle

The cookies had a bit of a vanilla scent, and each cookie had a little koala stamped on it. The number of unique koala designs in the bag was pretty amazing! Right away, the cookies had a buttery, slightly salty taste. The crunch reminded me of the crispy, toasty rim of the waffle where the batter leaks out of the iron but still cooks.

The cream in the center reminded me of whipped cream with slight maple notes, giving a very convincing waffle flavor. Despite a slightly oily feeling after swallowing (which I usually attribute to preservatives), the cookies were very addictive. I'd happily consume this flavor again, and wouldn't hesitate to try other limited edition flavors.


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Orchid64 said...

I've tried only a few of these, but have given up on them because they just seem too sweet for my tastes. That said, you certainly make these sound appealing - the crispy edge of a waffle, yummy! I may give these a shot if they're still in the shops here!

ebidebby said...

These were surpsingly tasty! I hope you do find them. This is only the second limited edition flavor I've tried for this brand, but I could see sweetness becoming an issue.