Monday, May 31, 2010

Green & Black's Organic Mint

Green & Black's Organic Mint Chocolate

My mother is a big fan of York Peppermint Patties, so mint chocolate was always around when I was younger. This might explain why mint chocolate is such a nostalgic taste for me. In particular, there was a candy store called Fanny Farmer (quite appropriate) that carried a bright green mint "chocolate" bar that perfectly suited my childhood tastes.

I doubt I would like it now, but I seem to always compare mint chocolate bars to how I think that one tasted. This Green & Black's bar came from a local Target, and as of February of this year, it's 100% fair trade certified.

Green & Black's Organic Mint Chocolate

Both the foil wrapper and the bar inside were simply stunning. The gorgeous bar had a nice peppermint oil aroma with just a hint of earthiness. It had a good snap and the perforations actually seemed to work. Both the texture and melt of the chocolate were nice.

The chocolate was just a bit sour and tangy, and those fruity notes made the 60% cocoa bar seem darker than it was. I found the mint to be quite mild. According to the website, neither the mint nor the chocolate is supposed to dominate, though I felt the chocolate was more prominent. It's definitely more grown up than my "dream" bar, but I could have done with more mint and fewer sour notes in the dark chocolate.


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cybele said...

I agree, there's something about the tangy, acidic notes of G&B that doesn't meld with the mint.

On a side note, I just finished the G&B Peanut bar earlier today... which I bought yesterday. (I should really be eating things for review, not pleasure.)

ebidebby said...

It does get a little tricky to just enjoy candy when you feel like you have to review it...but sometimes it's nice to just eat something!