Monday, March 22, 2010

Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits

Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits

While filling up at a gas station on the way to see a concert, I stopped in the attached convenience store and was shocked and thrilled to find Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits. Since I wanted to consume them right away, I took pictures in the car, with the candy on my lap and in my hand.

These have been on my mind ever since Cybele's Valentine's Day 2010 candy tease, as I love Skittles and almost all fizzy candy. Unfortunately, the grocery stores near me are very slow to receive new items (they just now carry Crazy Cores on their shelves), but I always forget about gas stations. With pay at pump, I hardly have a reason to go inside and look at all the new, overpriced candy (these Skittles were $1.39 US).

Fizzy Skittles

One whiff of the open bag told me that the flavors were the same as the Wild Berry Skittles, so I won't go too deeply into how the flavors differed. They had the appearance of Sour Skittles, but the effect was entirely different.

These were very fizzy on the tongue - surprisingly fizzy! You have to suck on them a bit to get the true effect, but it made me think of a berry soda (close to the point of bubbles up your nose, but without the pain). Fizzl'd Fruits were tasty, nostalgic, and fun. If you like the berry flavors, definitely check these out. I prefer the original fruits, but it was nice to see a new spin on a different flavor set. Now, I wonder if they can combine fizzy with sour?

There's also a review of these at CandyBlog.


Skittles Website (note: it's very graphic-intense)


Lacey said...

These seem a little gross to me, but I know I'll have to try them anyway!

ebidebby said...

They are a bit gross if you eat the pile of fizzy powder in the bottom of the bag...

Anonymous said...

My biggest problem with these is that I am a diabetic :) I cannot put the darned bag down (I bought a large bag of them at WalMart). It would be easy to eat the whole thing in a day! The only problem with that is, after a few handfuls, you can feel the CO2 in your tummy.

omgthatskool54 said...

disgusting unless you let all the alka-seltzer stuff bubble off and then bite into them. unfortunately i waited until the last two in the pack when i found this out but honestly, dont waste your money. they're interesting but not worth it