Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ferrero Mon Cheri and Pocket Coffee

Ferrero Mon Cheri and Pocket Coffee

My dad's job has always given him chances to travel internationally at least once or twice a year, and even though I've moved out and grown up (somewhat), he still brings souvenirs for his kids. On a recent trip to Italy, he bought these two Ferrero candies and divided the boxes among the family.

Neither of these candies were quite what I expected. The Mon Cheri seemed like they would be a generic chocolate covered cherry, and I assumed the Pocket Coffee would be solid coffee flavored chocolate. I was completely wrong on both accounts.

Ferrero Mon Cheri

The Mon Cheri smelled like a cherry chocolate, but when I bit into it, some of the strongest liquor I've ever tasted in a candy came pouring out. It actually burned a little going down. There was also a candied cherry inside for texture, but the flavor was dominated by chocolate and liquor. It was delicious, but packed quite a punch. I'm not a huge chocolate/cherry fan, but this was unlike any other liquor or cherry candies I've tried, so I was very impressed. My husband, who loves chocolate covered cherries, liked these even more than I did.


Pocket Coffee was another surprise. It smelled strongly of coffee, and it was a little hard to smell the chocolate. There was a crispy, grainy layer just below the chocolate, and a little online research told me that it was a layer of sugar. It made for an interesting and tasty texture mixture. Oh, did I mention that there is actual strong liquid coffee in this? The chocolate and sugar adds an excellent balance to the bitterness of the coffee. This is not a good bedtime snack, but I'd recommend it to any coffee or espresso fan.


Candyblog and Slashfood have both reviewed Pocket Coffee, and Jim's Chocolate Mission has a review of Mon Cheri.

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Kelly said...

They used to sell the Mon-cheri in Aus and I haven't seen them for ages!! So sad, because I really liked them too! I've never seen the pocket coffee before but it looks interesting :)

Jen in Japan said...

The coffee one sounds delicious!

And I think I tried Mon Cheri when I lived in France. It sounds familiar and looks delicious.

ebidebby said...

Kelly - If all chocolate cherries tasted more like Mon Cheri, I would like them much more!

Jen - It is! And you've lived in France and now Japan? That's so exciting!

boo said...

My mom brought some of these back from Italy because she loved them so much (they call them pocket rockets). She keeps hers in the freezer, which is pretty yum.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

Ferrero = LOVE!! addiction :D