Saturday, November 7, 2009

Walkers Roast Chicken Crisps

Roast Chicken Crisps

Normally, I prefer sweet snacks, but occasionally, I do get the craving for something salty and savory. These chips fulfill both of those requirements. They were purchased from the UK import section at Jungle Jim's International Market. When we're in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, my husband and I always try to stop in, and it's always worth it.

As these crisps were imported, they were rather pricey ($0.79 for a 34.5 g bag). There were several flavors available, including prawn, but I went for the roast chicken and my husband got steak and onion. The price tag stopped us from buying more. Walkers is part of Frito-Lay and called Lay's in the US (thanks, Anon). You can see a list of current flavors on the Walkers Wikipedia page.

Roast Chicken Crisps

The chips smelled a little like chicken broth, but as they were flavored with spices and not animal products (the bag says they are suitable for vegetarians), they didn't smell meaty. The taste reminded me of a bouillon cube or the flavor powder from chicken ramen. I was very pleased that they neither tasted nor smelled like dog treats, as savory snacks sometimes do.

The texture of the crisps was good, too. They were neither too thin nor too thick, which gave them a good, fresh crunch. They had a nice level of saltiness and I imagine these would go well with a mild beer. I can't see myself craving this chicken-soup-in-a-chip taste, but they were a nice break from the flavors available in the US.


Walkers website


Jen in Japan said...

Jungle Jim's! I love that place. How can you not like a place with a gazillion different foreign foods inside and elephant fountains outside?

ebidebby said...

It really is an amazing store. Every time we go, we spend hours there.

Anonymous said...

In the USA we call them Lay's potato chips. They don't come in roasted chicken here though.

ebidebby said...

It's the same company as Lay's? Interesting, I thought the logos looked similar. Thank you!