Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Godiva Halloween Truffles

Godiva Halloween Truffles

What a belated review. Halloween has come and gone but the decent into cold weather indulgence has just begun. It starts with candy at Halloween and seems to end with candy at Easter. In an attempt to pace myself, I started tasting these on Halloween and finished them a few days ago.

I'm no chocolate connoisseur, but it seems like Godiva is overrated. In the US and in Japan (probably other countries, too), Godiva has the reputation with many people of being just about the best chocolate there is. It's tasty, for sure, but not usually worth the money. However, these truffles were so cute that I couldn't resist ($11). The four flavors were Caramel Apple Tombstone, Candy Corn Ghost, Blood Orange Bat, and Death by Chocolate Skull.

Caramel Apple Tombstone

The white chocolate smell was strong, and it was full of runny caramel. The textures were great, but the caramel almost tasted spiked, as if the apple flavor had made it ferment. It was quite tart and fruity, though not specifically apple.

White Chocolate Ghost

The ghost was super cute. The filling was buttery and had a good, thick texture. It tasted more like a buttercream frosting than candy corn, but the white chocolate was very well balanced, and I felt it was some of the best white chocolate I've had.

Orange Chocolate Bat

The bat was kind of cute, except for the hole on it's nose. The flavor was the same kind of orange flavor as a fruit gem. The filling was tasty, if a bit too sweet and greasy. I liked how I could taste the orange zest, and my husband liked this one the best.

Halloween Godiva

Death By Chocolate Skull was by far my favorite to look at--it's gorgeous--but not to eat. It was good, but tasted almost exactly like a Lindt dark chocolate truffle to me, and therefore not really worth the price. Click here to see the inside.

Overall, the set gets a B-.

Here's another take on the set.


Kelly said...

They are soooo cute, pity they are not worth it taste-wise.

Rosa said...

At almost $3 a pop, those are pricey pretties!

Orchid64 said...

They really are gorgeous, but I think Godiva is generally overrated. It's like an ugly Louis Vuitton bag that everyone likes because it's a brand name.

That's not to say Godiva is bad, but it's just not so much better than somewhat cheaper chocolates (like Lindt).

Par said...

I feel Godiva is nice but it's not that special. The first time I ate one I felt that a cheaper chocolate brand taste better then this. Sometimes I feel is it just the name. Though I will give it another try but I doubt I would want to spend the money for it.

ebidebby said...

Kelly and Rosa - Agreed! I will try not to fall for it again.

Orchid - That definitely seems to be the case. I can't say I dislike Godiva chocolate, but it's just not special enough.

Ms. K - I think you are right about the name. I will also be reluctant to spend this much again.

vinci said...

did anyone try their egg nog truffle?
Curious about its taste!

ebidebby said...

vinci - I just got their Gingerbread truffle (free as part of their points program), but I will get the egg nog in December and review them both together!