Monday, October 26, 2009

Tirol Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Tirol

Tirol is one of the harder Japanese sweets for me to find in America. I only ever see the variety pack strips, and more often than not, they are a little old. Aside from the expiration date, it's easy to tell how old the pack is by the limited edition flavor bundled with the regulars.

This Strawberry Shortcake came from a pack that was nearing the end of its shelf life, as it expires in December and doesn't have the current special flavor (which should be hot cakes, though I think kinako mochi might be making a comeback). The cute packaging appeals to me, as I am a big fan of pink.

Bitten Tirol

The strawberry milk scent was very strong in this Tirol. It had a fruity, tart strawberry white chocolate flavor that reminded me of strawberry jam. In addition, there was a bit of a soapy taste that I didn't care for.

Normally, I love the biscuit varieties, but something about this one put me off. It wasn't bad, but it was very sweet. The biscuit and fruit flavor did give it the feel of strawberry shortcake, but I think the cream/frosting flavor in this chocolate gave it a hint of soap, which ruined the whole thing for me.

Kelly of Tasty Japan liked them much better than I did, so be sure to look at her blog before you decide!


Tirol website


Kelly said...

Aww, thanks for the link! I am a sucker for pink too, :)

Orchid64 said...

When I saw this review in my RSS feed, I was thinking, "that must be new," because I hadn't seen it yet. It seems it was on the other side. ;-)

You're right about both the hot cake and kinako mochi making comebacks. There's also a yaki kinako mochi premium one (so not worth it). I've been tempted to buy a multi-pack for the hot cakes one, but just can't justify it.

ebidebby said...

You're welcome, Kelly!

Orchid64, you didn't miss anything with this one, especially since I know you usually don't care for strawberry chocolate. I am very curious about hot cake, too, but I doubt it will ever make it to the States.