Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UHA Kyoho Grape Puccho


Today, my candy taught me some Japanese. From the packaging, I could tell that this flavor of Puccho was grape (perhaps Concord?), but I didn't know the kanji for the flavor name. After little internet searching, I found out that the kanji was read Kyoho, and means a Kyoho grape.

According to Wikipedia (linked above), Kyoho grapes are similar to Concord gapes, so I was optimistic about the flavor. Although usually not as authentic as Hi-Chew, Puccho typically provides a good combination of flavor and fun with the taffy and gummy composition.


In the wrapper, these smelled a little like cinammon, but the taste was a strong, fairly authentic Concord grape. The flavor felt natural, and the candy got juicier as I chewed. There were about 4 gummies in both of the pieces I sampled, and the gummies had an even stronger grape flavor. I got the sensation of grape skin from the gummies, which I liked.

I was pleased with these and would get them again if there weren't so many other flavors and similar candies to try. Also, Puccho is pretty quick about rotating flavors, so I doubt these will be around that long.


UHA website


Kelly said...

I've never tried Puccho, and I didn't realise it was such a different texture from Hi-chu, it looks more wet and stringy in your photo than I've experience with hi-chew.

I love grape flavour, so if I see this, I will pick some up, thanks to your review :)

ebidebby said...

It's quite different from Hi-chew, more like a taffy. Plus, the gummy bits in the middle have a quite unique texture!

Thanks :)