Monday, June 29, 2009

Schakolad Truffles


Last weekend, my husband and I went for a walk at an upscale outdoor mall. We didn't buy any clothes or trinkets (admittedly, we weren't really the target market), but we did buy truffles.

Schakolad is a chocolate/candy chain store, and I had wanted to go there for a while, but this one never seemed to be open when I was in the area. We finally got a chance to go, so for a quick sample, we bought 4 truffles for $4.50. For the price, I was a little disappointed at the rather basic flavor assortment, but the chocolates certainly looked cute.

We selected Orange, Raspberry Cheesecake, Champagne Ganache, and Dark Milk Caramel. A couple of those aren't on the list from the website, but I'm not sure why. Here's a closer look at the flavors we chose.

Bitten Orange Truffle

Orange was a white-chocolate coated orange truffle with orange sprinkles on top. It smelled very citrusy, and the filling reminded me of orange Starburst, in that it was sour but with a little more sweetness. The filling had the consistency of thick frosting and melted nicely on the tongue. I usually see orange paired with milk chocolate, and the white chocolate with the orange made things a little too sweet here.

Bitten Raspberry Cheesecake Truffle

Raspberry Cheesecake was similar in consistency to the Orange truffle. However, there was no sourness here, just a very rich, milky filling with just a hint of raspberry flavor; my husband and I both wished the flavor had been stronger. I liked it better than cheesecake, though, because just when I had enough richness, the truffle was gone.

Champagne Ganche Truffle

Champagne Ganache was the cutest of the bunch, with the gold stars. The filling was excellent, smooth as can be, and with just a hint of a champagne sparkle to make it special. More champagne fizz would have been good with me, but my husband liked this one best. I did like that the chocolate was a nice, darker milk - sweet but not bitter.

Dark Chocolate Caramel

Even though it was arguably the least special of the bunch, Dark Milk Caramel was my favorite. The dark chocolate coating was tasty, but the milky, chewy caramel on the inside was perfect. It was like an ultra high-class Milk Dud, with that same kind of stick-to-your-teeth caramel but no cloying sugar aftertaste.

I'm not sure if I would buy truffles there again, but my husband and I both found the ones we had to be worth the price for a nice treat. If I did go back, I think I would try the butterscotch truffles.


Schakolad website


Lacey said...

We got a couple of chocolates at the one in C-bus, and they were dreadful. :/ I got a key lime piece, but I think they forgot to put the lime in it!

ebidebby said...

Oh no...that's awful! I think I might have given them too much credit since I was really in the mood for sweets, but I liked the caramel one a lot, and heard the butterscotch is good, too. Definitely had better, though!

Anonymous said...

Lacey, sorry for your experience. The key lime is only supposed to have a hint of lime, not to be a bitter lime flavor. That is the concept with all of the truffles, not an over-powering flavor only a hint, then you can still taste the excellent chocolate that it is dipped in and experience the center flavor as well. please feel free to stop back in and let us know how to fix the flavor for you.