Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lotte Toppo Peach Milk

Toppo Peach Milk

Of all the Pocky-type snacks out there (and there are tons), Toppo is probably my favorite. There are tons of flavors, and I like that the chocolate is throughout the whole biscuit. This Peach Milk flavor came from JBox/JList.

I am a little wary of peach flavored snacks, as they tend to taste a little fake. Also, Toppo is usually a little oily, but I've always liked the kinds I've had in the past.

Toppo Peach Milk

Indeed, this smelled like fake peach, but it didn't taste as fake as it smelled. The peach flavor was not perfect, but didn't taste like chemicals. The light crunchy coating was great, and with the peach cream inside, it reminded me of a danish.

This Toppo was a light and satisfying snack. Even though it was not terribly authentic, it was enjoyable for both me and my husband. I didn't feel overloaded with sweetness or the taste of preservatives, so I'd call that a successful Toppo. Most things I try end up being in the B range, I notice. Maybe I should be more critical....


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Cindy said...

Have you tried the 抹茶 Toppo? I just got a box & haven't opened it yet...don't want to be disappointed because I love green-tea flavored anything as well.

ebidebby said...

I haven't tried that yet! I didn't know the had a matcha version out right now, I'll have too look for it! Let me know if it lives up to your expectations! :)

Boo said...

OoooOOooo! More Toppo flavors to try! I wish my local stores had these odd varieties because I am so going to go broke shopping at J-list for them.

ebidebby said...

I got this box from J-list, too. I saw it at a convenience store while I was in Japan last month, so it should be out for a while.