Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meiji Bitter Cookie and Macadamia Takenoko no Sato

Takenoko no Sato

I completely forgot to post this review! I took the pictures and at the chocolates in February, and must have moved on immediately. Here I was thinking I'd gotten caught up. Well, better late than never (even though these aren't available anymore).

These were a limited edition winter flavor of Takenoko no Sato, and were larger than the normal size (but it's hard to tell from the picture I took). Each one was individually wrapped, which made it easier not to eat a whole box at once. In Japanese, the cookie portion of this sweet was called horoniga, which means slightly bitter.

Takenoko no Sato

The snack smelled like hot chocolate, with a hint of what smelled like hazelnut but was probably the macadamia nut bits. The cookie part tasted very nutty, and had a good crunch. I don't remember if the bitterness came into play at all, but they were not too sweet. The chocolate was smooth and buttery, making for a rich treat.

I think I prefer the normal, smaller size, as these were a little much for me. There's something magical about the texture combination of the regular size which doesn't carry over to the larger size (although I can't say for sure since, to my knowledge, there is no regular size in this flavor). Still, they were quite good and disappeared quickly when I put the leftovers in my candy dish for friends.


Meiji Website (Japanese)


Kelly said...

I really wanted to get these for my husband because he loves takenoko the best (and i love kinoko no yama best) but i was put off by the bitter as neither of us like it.

That said, it does look quite yummy. And for people who are more fond of the cookie like my husband it would have been good as the cookie is bigger.

ebidebby said...

I like Takenoko no Sato and Kinoko no Yama about the same, but I wish these were smaller! I love the cookie, but I think the fact that there was too much chocolate was what turned me off.