Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morinaga Golden Kiwi Hi-chew

Golden Kiwi Hi-chew

Numerous sources have told me that golden kiwis are better than the regular variety, and that this Hi-chew tastes very authentic. However, I have never had golden kiwi, so I have no point of comparison.

I bought these at a Japanese grocery store, and they came highly recommended. I was really impressed with the pineapple flavor, so my hopes were high. Maybe they were too high?

Golden Kiwi Hi-chew

I love that the bars are wrapped in gold foil. It makes them look like little bars of solid gold and reminds me of Fort Knox, as seen in cartoons. They smell strongly fruity. The taste reminded me of strawberry kiwi Starburst, because it didn't taste specifically kiwi. Kiwi was there, but there was something else. That must be the golden kiwi.

The pineapple Hi-chew screamed pineapple; it was dead on. Kiwi is a little harder to pinpoint, but there was just something missing from these. Having said that, they were delicious and I had no trouble eating half the package myself in one night.


Morinaga Website (Japanese)


Anonymous said...

Hey!! I want to try this!! I love golden kiwi (they exists :P)

ebidebby said...

Really? Wow, I had no idea! Do they have them in the United States?

Milena said...

I've had these. They don't really taste like the green kiwis you know, but they do taste like fresh golden kiwis (they exist). Golden Kiwis are more prevalent in Australia and Asia, but they are available here in the US- although not very common. The golden kiwis are not nearly as furry as the green ones- they are almost smooth. The flesh is yellow but otherwise identical to the green ones. The flavor is milder than the green ones- less tart, but sweeter. I actually like the yellow ones more- especially ice cold.

ebidebby said...

Wow, thanks for the information! I will definitely have to try and get some Golden Kiwi at a grocery store with a good fresh produce selection. That's really cool!

air-doll said...

I love this golden kiwi hi-chew ! It taste so kiwi ! But unfortunately I only seen this product twice in store.