Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tirol Kuri Zenzai Chocolate

Kuri Zenzai

Tirol multipacks seem to have the 4-5 standard flavors as well as a flavor that changes periodically. I've seen Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Mochi, and this one (more recently), Kuri Zenzai.

Kuri means chestnut, and zenzai is a soup made from azuki beans (sweet red beans) and mochi (sticky rice cake). I've never tried it before, but it sounds nice. The chocolate itself has a cute little picture on the front featuring all three of the ingredients I mentioned.

Bitten Tirol

The chocolate itself is very attractive, with a lighter color on top and darker chocolate on the bottom. I think it was all colored white chocolate, though, and no milk chocolate. It smelled toasty and slightly burnt, a bit like caramel.

The chocolate was lightly flavored and tasted roasted. Perhaps that was where the chestnut came in, because I couldn't taste the nut itself. I didn't taste azuki at all, just sweet white chocolate. The mochi center added a nice, chewy texture with a firmness that offset the smooth chocolate.

Although I'm not sure the flavor was particularly accurate, it was good, and the roasted taste was original and different from what I'm used to. Definitely a fun addition to the Tirol variety pack.


Tirol Chocolate website (Japanese)


Kelly said...

I bet my husband would like this, he loves kuri.

What do you mean by multipack? Like a sharepack? And how many to a pack?

ebidebby said...

I guess another name for it would be a variety pack? Multiple kinds in the same pack. There were 10 chocolates total, with 2 of each of 5 flavors.

ebidebby said...

Actually, here's a picture of it!