Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nestle Hokkaido KitKats

Hokkaido Potato and Roasted Corn KitKats

Nestle Japan is out of control. Pictured above are two limited edition KitKat bars from Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan's four islands. The flavors are Roasted Corn (above) and Potato (below).

That's right. I'm not sure why, but for some reason, these flavors seemed weirder than soy sauce flavor. But, I had to try them, so I ordered some online. My husband and I tried them right away.

Hokkaido Potato

Potato flavor seemed tamer, so we tried this one first. I had heard that it tasted like chocolate covered potato chips. The bar itself smelled like potato, and tasted like extremely salty white chocolate. It was very buttery, too, and had a light potato taste in the wafers. The main flavor seemed to be butter. I didn't really care for this one. At least it wasn't too sweet. C+

Hokkaido Roasted Corn

Seemingly the weirder of the two, we tried Roasted Corn next. It didn't really smell like corn at all, just white chocolate. The taste was again very buttery. It did taste like corn, but maybe just in the sense that some people put so much butter and salt on corn on the cob that you can hardly taste the corn anymore. It was hard to tell. But again, the main flavors were butter and salt. Still, I liked this one better than the potato. B-

These flavors were, obviously, for novelty. They certainly were fun to try, but I do kind of look forward to sharing them with friends because I won't have to eat any more of them. Plus, it should be funny to watch their faces.

KitKat Website (Japanese)


Anonymous said...

I will be glad to be one of the friends that makes the weird faces :)

Cindy said...

Love this blog. I have a long fascination with Japanese snacks after living there about 3 years.

KitKat never seems to run out of flavors, hunh?

I'd be happy to link to your blog on mine, check it out and let me know! ありがとう!

Kelly said...

Baked potato is weird, hubby wrinkled his nose when he heard it but he doesn't think that the corn one is weird, being from hokkaido himself, corn is in ALOT of sweet products. I've ordered them and am currently waiting for them to arrive! I imagined the baked potato would be with milk choc not white, so that was a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Potato? KitKat? That's just not right. That said, now I have three flavors to look out for next time I'm shopping for Japanese Snack Foods. :)

ebidebby said...

MK - And you sure did today!

Cindy - Thank you! I, too, am fascinated with Japanese snacks. I think they won't stop until they go for things like vomit and earwax, like the Every Flavor Beans from Harry Potter.

Kelly - Yeah, I expected to see milk chocolate for the potato one too for some reason! Corn is naturally sweet, so I think it's a better match here.

Boo - The tasting experience is definitely the fun part.